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How To Sew Sweater Knits

Sweater knits are the answer for those who want to make their own sweaters but don’t want to or don’t know how to, knit or crochet. This fabric is lacy, casual, and cozy. If I have to sum up my every feeling about sweater knits, it would be perfect.

If you haven’t had a good sewing machine yet, check out the article on the best sewing machine for beginners at, here we provide complete beginner sewing machine reviews to help you choose the best one.

Sweater knits are all kinds of fabrics that are made by interloping threads or yarns. By interloping, I mean pulling a new loop through previously made ones. By this method, a piece of knitting is built rows after rows. This material is made with bigger yarns than regular, more lightweight fabrics. You can make out the complicated patterns on sweater knits.

To add colors to a piece of knit fabric, people use a different colored yarn instead of printing the patterns on. Although it is possible to hand knit, what you find at the store is industrially made fabrics.

How to sew sweater knits

Setting Up Your Sewing Machine

A ballpoint or jersey needle is the most suitable variety to use on sweater knits. The size of the needle is chosen according to the weight of the fabric. As sweater knit can stretch polyester thread and narrow zigzag stitches are the most suitable combination. Some can recommend using stretch stitches but I personally prefer the zigzag one as they are easier to remove if I make any mistake.

Zigzag stitches are the default option for most sewing machines.

Sometimes your sewing can refuse to cooperate when it comes to sweater knits. In this case, stay calm and try reducing the pressure. If this does not work, then move on to other methods.

Remember to test the pressure on a piece of scrap first to avoid damage your projects.

Sweater knits can be sewed on almost all sewing machines if you know the right techniques. Other than a basic sewing machine, you may consider buying the best coverstitch sewing machine which helps with finishing tasks and create a professional look.

Sweater knits can be sewed on almost all sewing machines

Finishing The Edges And Seam Allowances

The best way to know what edge finish to use is to practice a lot. Each pattern will state specifically which seam finish to use for the best result. That is where you can start. The list range from bands, facings, hems, to bindings. When you are more confident with finishing sweater knits, you may conduct your own experiments. Sometimes I don’t follow the instructions and use something different for my projects just for fun.

Finishing a seam allowance does not only make it look nicer on the outside but in the case of knit fabrics, it protects the seam from fraying. However, practicing on cutaways before attempting on the piece you intend to use is advisable.

To finish sweater knits seam allowance, one can either serge or overlock. When using a serger, the feed setting should be higher than 1.5. If you have a serger at hand, it would be so much time-saving, but if you do not, you can always finish the allowance by regular sewing machines. The choices are trimming, taping, zigzagging, bounding, or covering.

I have no problem finishing sweater knits with my home sewing machine. If you want to know what I use, read this article on the best basic sewing machine for beginners where I found many helpful buying guides and latest sewing machine reviews

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